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The Siren Song of False Precision

Categories: Benchmarking

“Measure with a laser beam, mark with a chalk line, cut with an axe.”
– Anonymous

Have you ever watched an improvement project stall out because someone demanded an impossible level of precision in estimating the results? Typically, the detail requested for the project far exceeds the company’s current practice – and does not affect the decision…

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It’s Time for IT Teams to Digitize Like the Startups Do

This article from The Lab was featured by CIO Magazine.

Many IT leaders are desperately seeking digitization as a way to transform their companies, but century-old, non-technology improvements can produce results that can impact operations across all lines of business…

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The "Upstairs Factory" is Draining Your Productivity

This article from The Lab was featured by Industry Week.

When most executives think of an industrial company, they picture a highly disciplined factory under constant scrutiny for any evidence of inefficiency. Let’s call this the “downstairs factory.”

It rarely occurs to anyone that there could be similar “upstairs factories” in the same company — in non-factory departments like finance, marketing and sales…

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Where Your Productivity Problem Is Hiding

This article from The Lab was featured by Industry Week.

The farther we get from the production line, the less adept we are at managing productivity.

Want to find a treasure trove of Virtuous Waste improvements in your business? Search beyond historically industrialized areas. Industrialization receives generous management attention when it involves the direct activities of production. Look at worker activities that are about production, that are one step removed from the line. Scrutinize them every bit as scrupulously….

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The Henry Ford School of Bank Digitization

This article from The Lab was featured by BAI Banking Strategies.

Ask banking executives about their top priorities and you are likely to hear that they are pursuing “digitization.” But it’s not immediately clear what this term means. How is it different from automation? The easiest way to grasp the contrast is to think of how digitization has transformed music purchases, travel booking, grocery shopping and taxi services. Banking is moving in the same direction, but conventional banks aren’t leading the charge…

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