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Category: Metric Management

Escape Your Vortex of Wasted Work

This article from The Lab was featured by Forbes.

There is a common misperception that knowledge work is unique. Executives are reluctant to accept that roughly two-thirds of activities in the office are similar and repetitious. In the early 1900s, competition forced factory managers to overcome the same reluctance. They had to acknowledge that skilled craftsmen’s activities were similar and repetitious. When they did, an Industrial Revolution began…

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The Massive Tax Of Satisfaction On Knowledge Work

This article from The Lab was featured by Forbes.

At a bank’s contact center, a customer service rep is satisfied. He has just finished helping a bank teller complete a wire transfer.

At an industrial products manufacturer, an inside sales rep is satisfied. She has completed and corrected the information needed to release a customer’s order to the factory for production.

They are satisfied with their work, they will explain, because they are preserving revenue, improving customer satisfaction and making the sales force more productive. To them, this activity is virtuous….

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It’s Time for IT Teams to Digitize Like the Startups Do

This article from The Lab was featured by CIO Magazine.

Many IT leaders are desperately seeking digitization as a way to transform their companies, but century-old, non-technology improvements can produce results that can impact operations across all lines of business…

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The "Upstairs Factory" is Draining Your Productivity

This article from The Lab was featured by Industry Week.

When most executives think of an industrial company, they picture a highly disciplined factory under constant scrutiny for any evidence of inefficiency. Let’s call this the “downstairs factory.”

It rarely occurs to anyone that there could be similar “upstairs factories” in the same company — in non-factory departments like finance, marketing and sales…

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